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The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation



One of my biggest revelations came recently, albeit gradually.  Exposure from undercover work and activist groups have shone a light on the unnecessary brutality in the animal agricultural cycle.  Animals are farmed, tortured and raised in deplorable conditions.  Slowly but surely horrified, I knew I couldn’t contribute to the suffering.  Contrary to the industry led ambivalence, I’ve come to realize that animals are extremely intelligent and sentient beings.  With all farmed animals, their level of cognition is far great than we were raised to believe. Love for their offspring is no different from ours, and when acclimated and integrated into a home environment, their level of compassion and love has shown to be unconditional.  Cows, pigs, deer, chickens, the list continues to grow as we learn more and realise how our desensitisation has been coerced.  As a result, I am now vegetarian.  I don’t eat animal products.  As a sacrifice to promote animal wellness, I’ve begun this new chapter and feel better than I have in years!  The well being and humane treatment of animals has become a mission for me.

The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, is run by my closest friend Marc Ching.  He is THE animal nutritionist and wellness specialist in Los Angeles and is doing incredible things over at his business, The Petstaurant. He works tirelessly and provides a free service to improve the daily lives and well being of happy dog owners through sound nutrition and supplements.  The guy is a magician and possibly the most honest and sincere person I know.  The success of the Petstaurant bore The Animal Hope & Wellness Foundation, where he rescues dogs and abused animals from the worst lives one could and could not imagine.  It doesn’t stop there.  His mission transcended borders in 2014 when he set out to Asia to document and bring awareness to the torture surrounding the dog meat trade.  His efforts have stemmed a PSA from celebrity clients.  The goal is to stop the cruelty and torture, and to raise global awareness on the horrible treatment of animals.

I was recently privileged to be invited to the board for the foundation.  My personal goal is to work with Marc, the District Attorney, and Attorney General to regulate breeding in California.  Despite all the heroic rescue efforts around the city, there are still over 500 dogs euthanised daily in LA.  I believe the source is unregulated breeding.  California has some of the most relaxed breeding laws in the country and many lives and souls are lost daily as a result.  TAHAWF stands as my choice of charity, my extended family, and where I pledge to use my unique position in our community to realise much needed change.


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FAX: 310.382.2502

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