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The truth is that reality TV and celebrity gossip news do not greatly contribute to selling luxury property. Before Kensington & Beverly, my office hosted season one of Million Dollar Listing on Bravo, and 3 years ago, we had talked with producers of Selling LA.  We concluded that those platforms would not benefit our clients.

The real work is done through promoting amongst a network of local and global agents and firms.  This is what we do best.  There is no one firm that has access to everything and has the best performing agents.  There are usually a few key people at each firm.  This is where we separate ourselves.  We have relationships with the top players locally and globally.  Your property won’t sit on market being ignored.

Everyone that needs to know about your property, will.  Every moment our listings are on market, we are constantly beginning new dialogue to promote the property.  As an exclusive firm, we prefer a little obscurity and being under the radar.

Being on the front page of every entertainment publication and reality show will not sell a house.  That will happen mostly behind closed doors.  None of our listings stay on market for very long and many are sold off market.

Every listing goes through the typical net exposure,  print and online promotions. Every adept agent has access to do that.

Where we differ, is that each property gets it’s own personal branding and marketing campaign that gets distributed to key people around the globe.  The recipients are our global client base and exclusive partners in key markets.  They in-turn market to their A-list clientele of celebrities, royalty and renowned business personalities.

One simply could not place monetary value on these relationships but they have proven to be an invaluable supplement to our Los Angeles based sellers.  As we only have a few listings at one time, our resources and time are maximised to promote and sell more efficiently than anyone else.

Our properties almost always have multiple offers, sell over asking and closed escrow quickly.  It’s our business model.




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