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Kensington & Beverly is a unique and globally connected real estate brokerage based in Beverly Hills that represents buyers and sellers of luxury property in Los Angeles. We specialise in properties valued at $5m USD and above.

Consider a white-glove service whose core value is centered on benefiting the clients needs and goals.  We don’t just sell luxury property.  We take the time to learn who the clients are, where they came from, and where they plan to be in 10 years.  This helps us guide their purchases, investments and sales.  We will always advise you against bad purchases and advocate for the contrary. All of our clients have made incredible profits from our guidance, with no exceptions.

Kensington & Beverly no longer solicit properties valued under $3m, nor do we do high volume.  After spending a decade working and analyzing the L.A. market, we realized both of these work against the needs of our clients in the luxury real estate market.   We consider the dilution of price range and a saturation of listings as two failures in the luxury market.  Too many listings means the lower priced clients suffer.  We are the first brokerage of our kind pioneering this move to separate ourselves as an exclusive luxury only firm.  As a result, our properties sell quickly, for a premium and with a high level of activity and publicity.  Both of these are recent moves to benefit our current client base and highlight the demand from our buyers locally and abroad.

Further separating ourselves, all interior decorating, staging, photography and art are done in-house by skilled, unique and talented artisans.  Our properties are presented with style.

With the opening of our LA office in 2015, we previously operated by invite and referral to maintain a higher caliber of clientele, but due to growth and enquiries, are now open to the general public.

30+ years of international relationships with the top European real estate boutiques benefit our Los Angeles based buyers and sellers and similarly help our European clients settle Stateside.   An exclusive group of small firms around the globe represent the biggest names in business, entertainment and philanthropy. We are exclusive partners with these firms.

Kensington & Beverly areas of specialty are luxury property in Beverly Hills, Holmby Hills, Bel Air, Hollywood Hills, Los Feliz, Studio City, Brentwood, Santa Monica, Venice, and Malibu.  Some of our deals are negotiated and closed privately and off market for discretion.

Neil Rain Persad, a British ex-pat is the acting broker and owner.  It wasn’t until a meeting many years ago with a key partner in Nice that he had the epiphany that would go on to shape his unique approach towards business and real estate:

“I was overlooking the French Riviera in Cannes. I had come from Da Laura, an obscure cafe tucked away on Rue Du Vingt-Quatre Août, and had experienced one of the best meals I have ever had.  I looked out over a sea of yachts, observed waves reflecting in the brand name signage of the retail stores, and noted a “Beverly Hills by the beach” reference for later conversations.  After that, there wasn’t a lot more to it.  I’d exhausted my thirst for architecture and lavish homes the weeks prior, I didn’t own a yacht, and my friends were not arriving for a few more days. At that moment, being in one of the planet’s most opulent and historical locations, I realised that it came down to the people.  Take the most beautiful place, most luxurious home and even the most decedent meal, but if you remove the people, the sense of community and friendship from the equation, the novelty will wear.”

“Kensington & Beverly began formulating in 2012 after the market showed signs of stability and recovery. European and Asian buyers dominated the Los Angeles luxury market and I realised it was time to capitalise on my European roots. At the time, I was with another Beverly Hills based brokerage but had long realised that I needed to become independent to highlight my performance, service, and unique global perspective.  With exclusive partnerships and long time relations with the top European Estate Agents, Kensington & Beverly was formed as an independent conduit for our international buyers and sellers of luxury property in Los Angeles. ”

We don’t follow the crowd, we strive to be unique and not follow trends. We believe having a unique approach to business, the clients and their welfare is important.  Our counsel and guidance leads them to make decisions which impact their life, future and family.  What is important is making a difference, contributing to the world being a better place and helping in the way we know how; guiding, advising and protecting clients with their investing and liquidifying of real estate.  You will never see, “most homes sold,” or “most listings,” here.  While I may contribute to some exciting sales and purchases, that mentality is just not what I do.

No other real estate brokerage in Los Angeles can claim the level of international connections as us. There are select players, and almost all of them are friends and long time business partners.  These relationships run deep and benefit our clients tremendously.  Beauchamp Estates, Glentree Estates and Savills Back Office are a few of our key partners. In the luxury market, having international and local presence is key for our buyers and sellers.  It is often the difference between selling a property, and it remaining on market without activity.



*     An Exclusive client list.  Previously by referral & invite only.  Now open to enquiries.

*     A small active client list to ensure the highest caliber of representation and availability.

*     A small number of listings ensures proper direction of resources, time and ultimately a quick sale.

*     All listings are aggressively marketed locally to the top agents and to an exclusive worldwide network

*     Client and service first.  Always.




DIRECT: 310.709.1242

FAX: 310.382.2502

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